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November 11, 2009







 Women in British cinema: mad, bad, and dangerous to know,- Sue Harper – published 2000 – The 1960’s (sub-title) – page 117


Schechter, Danny, The More you Watch the Less you Know, pg 73 


Key, Wilson Bryan, The Age of Manipulation, pg 95 


Study Diary

November 11, 2009

Study Diary



Today I set up my word-press account and e-mailed my username and password to Peter Dukes.

I have decided to go with the Bounty ‘Carry on cleaning’ advert as I feel this will make me challenge myself more then the other choices would.



Today I started the major research part of my work, I have studied the advert several times and think I have come up with a list of ideas for me to complete my blogs.

I have decided to keep a note book specifically for my research findings and ideas that way if I become stuck or need to reference back to something I looked at, at a previous date it will be easy to find.

I have uploaded two blogs the first just a picture taken from the advert I’m studying and the second just a brief description about the advert. I found this part of the work relatively easy as all the information I needed to do this was right where I need it.



Today I have started to write my first major blog which is based on the series of Carry on films. I have decided to write this first on paper as I feel this works best for me rather then straight onto the computer. Finding information about the Carry on films was a simple task as it was hugely successful and popular therefore there is plenty of information written about this. I have also watched some of the films including ‘Carry on Emmanuelle’ and ‘Carry on Abroad’ in hope that this will give me a better understanding of the series.



Today I have researched Kenneth Williams as I noticed him in the advert and also knew that he appeared in the majority of Carry on films, I found this very interesting as there was an impressive amount of work written about Williams, I also enjoyed learning about his life and death which again there is plenty of information about including documentaries many of which I have watched. Again I have written these down on paper and plan on uploading at a later date.



Today I have researched two topics the first of which was men cast as female roles the second being slapstick, I decided to work in my room today as I felt this would help me concentrate more and stop me being distracted. I have found both these tasks difficult as I struggled to find the information that was relevant to my topic, I have also realized that I’m purely using the internet at my main research point and must try to stop this.

I’ve learnt today that I study better during the night and early hours of the morning as I’m very easily distracted, so therefore find it better to work when no-one is around.

I also tried to upload my first few blogs today but was having trouble with my account and was not able to do so.



Today my research topics were target audience and subtle messages, again both very interesting subjects discuss, I’m starting to find doing my blogs slightly difficult as I don’t feel I have a purpose with my research finding although they are relevant to my original topic I feel I’m going off course and need to get back into the right direction.

I finally was able to upload my posts today, for doing this I had to come to the library I assume the fault was with my computer and not with the site as no-one else seemed to be having this problem.



Today I had decided to look into the ‘Carry on’ women and Procter and Gamble as I think these are both important factors of the ‘Bounty’ advert that I may have possibly missed had it not been for researching Brenda and Audrey’s characters and also looking back through my work and paying more attention to the behind the scenes aspect of the advert. I enjoyed doing the research on the carry on women as I found this informative, but the research I did on Procter and Gamble although this to was interesting I don’t feel I found the information I was looking for.



Today I looked into the Bounty campaign and advertisement, as I wanted to find if there was any relevance to the campaign and the advert which I believe there was, I also wanted to look into how to make a successful advertisement  to find out if it was possible that Bounty knew this was going to be a success, I found both these topics interesting but very much enjoyed learning how to make a successful advertisement although there is not much information on this, the things I discovered were very interesting and a topic I really enjoyed learning about.



Today I planned on spending the day proof reading my work and starting the other entries that need to be completed, but whilst I was checking my blogs I noticed that all my pictures had disappeared so I had to spend the night saving them to desktop and then uploading into the blog.       



Today I have done my resource findings, writing plan and i-map I found these tasks more difficult than the blog especially when I had finished my I-map and the computer shut down so I had to start it again, but I think this was a good thing to happen as it inspired me to make an even better I-map.




Today is the last day, so I felt I really had to work hard to get my I-map done on time. I’m still not happy with my end results for this but feel in order to improve this I would also need to improve my skills with the computer and unfortunately I did not leave myself enough time to do this.

I feel I have worked to the best of my ability during this assessment, however I do know there is room for improvement for example if I structured myself and set my own deadlines for individual parts of the tasks, I feel this would bring me motivation and determination to complete my assignment ahead of schedule, leaving me plenty of time to correct any errors I may have made.


November 11, 2009


Writing plan

November 10, 2009

Writing plan


For this task I’m going to be looking into the advert ‘Bounty carry on cleaning’  and each week I will be uploading blogs about the topics that have interested me most during my research process. By doing this I hope to achieve the following:

Have a better understanding and gain knowledge on the advert.

And also answer the questions that come to mind when I watch this advert including:

Why have they decided to go along the theme of Carry on?

Why use original Carry on actors for example Kenneth Williams?

Why have men dressed as women?

All of these are the basis of my blogs and questions I hope to have answered by the time my blog is complete.


Carry on- The advert ‘Bounty Carry on cleaning’ is based on the style of the ‘Carry on’ films, and like the films there are many of them. The advert I’m going to be looking at however is the one where Brenda and Audrey find themselves on a boat at a chaotic wedding. The carry on films were a series of low-budget British comedy films consisting of 31films made from 1958-1978. Although the films ended in 1978, even now in 2009 when we see the Bounty advert we all know it’s based on the series. I think that’s one of the reasons why they decided to go down this route, in hope that the series of adverts would be as popular and memorable as the series of films.

I would then go on to talk about the Carry on women and how they differ from Brenda and Audrey who are in the Bounty advert

Carry on women-There is a huge difference in the way the women in the ‘Carry On’ films are portrayed compared to Brenda and Audrey who are in the ‘Bounty’ Ad, Brenda and Audrey as we know by now are two men dressed as women, not your average ‘Carry On leading lady who always had a big chest, tiny waste and looked like what is known as a trophy girl.

This would be a good time to move onto men dressed as women as it’s not going too much of topic.

Men dressed as women-Some people may find that men being cast as women especially as they play larger women a bit of an insult, although this way of casting roles has been used for many years. “It’s a blurring of differences between masculinity and femininity.” But lots of conventions of drama don’t fly anymore. A white actor wouldn’t dare put on dark makeup to appear black today—Angelina Jolie took a lot of heat for slightly darkening her complexion to play Mariane Pearl in “A Mighty Heart.” A non-Asian actor would never get away with taping his eyes and assuming a silly accent to sound Chinese, as Mickey Rooney did in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”

I would then move onto the topic of slap-stick as I thing this is still relevant to the part of men dressed as women

Slap-stick-Slapstick is a type of comedy involving exaggerated physical violence or activities which exceed the boundaries of common sense and sometimes includes ironic situations, such as a character being hit in the face with a heavy frying pan or running into a brick wall, or going mad while searching for something when it was really right next to where that person was originally sitting. During the advert we she unfortunate happenings like someone falling and landing by hitting someone in the face with a cake, but still I find myself asking is this considered slapstick and if not why if based on the series of ‘Carry On’ films have the adverts not followed with the slapstick comedy routine?

I think this would be a good time to move onto subtle messages as Bounty have used comedy for this which will make this topic follow nicely after the slap-stick topic.

Subtle messages-in the advert it is only Brenda and Audrey who are in colorful clothes all the other guests at the wedding seem to be in a very bland mix of white, gray and black.  I believe the message we are getting form this choice to dress only Brenda and Audrey in colorful clothes, is that so us the viewers will clearly point them out when there is more characters on-screen and also to not let us get lost in the story. Without doing this the viewer could easily forget what they are watching as the advert is a comedy and not take on board the importance of the advertisement which is to sell Bounty kitchen roll.

I would then consider talking about the target audience in hope to follow-on talking about the viewers as I was in subtle messages but also to bring the attention back around to the advert itself.

Target audience-When you first watch the ‘Bounty’ advert the target audience is unknown, if I was to take a guess I would say women early 30s+, but after looking more closely at the advert I realized that not only is this advert aimed at women but I also think it’s aimed at men. In the advert the two main characters Brenda and Audrey are men dressed as women, this could be taken understandably in two different ways. The first being that the advert is of sexist nature where they had to use a man to play woman’s roles possibly to show how tough ‘Bounty’ is (as though using a woman would not portray this), or maybe that what the advert is trying to say is that cleaning is no longer just a job for women and wanted to show a side of both sexes using the kitchen roll hence the men dressed as women. When a company begins to brainstorm marketing strategies for a new product or service, they first take time to consider who will get the most benefit from what they are offering. For example, an ad for a toy meant for toddlers might be created with parents in mind. A toy for eight to ten-year old children, however, would have commercials meant to get the kids in that age group interested in the product.

I think at this point I would come into me conclusion where I would discuss that after looking more closely into the advert things may not be as they first appeared, for example the first time I watched the bounty advert on television my initial reaction was its funny but nothing really special, but after doing research into this advertisement I have discovered, not only is it humorous but it is a very intelligently thought out advert with many meaning and subtle messages.

Resource findings

November 10, 2009

Resource Findings


During the start of my blog I had many questions and ideas of where I wanted to go throughout my research process, but once I had began entering my blogs some of my original questions where almost impossible to answer, and whilst searching for the answer I needed I came across more information that was not only relevant but exciting.


When I first watched the Bounty ‘Carry on cleaning’ advert a few questions entered my mind for example, why have they decided to go along the theme of carry on? Why use original Carry On actors for example Kenneth Williams? And why have men dressed as women? All of which I believe I have managed to answer. Whilst searching for these answers I found myself asking more questions, and in searching for those answers again found myself asking more questions. Throughout the process of writing my blog I did not seem to find a point where there was no more topics to write about.  I was able to discover why Bounty had decided to have men playing the role of women and why Procter and Gamble was the best choice of partnership for Bounty.  I also managed to find out about subtle messages, the carry on women, and the Bounty campaign and also the ways advertisement company’s come up with fresh new ideas.  


Although I feel there is much more information I could have added to my blog I do feel I ‘am satisfied with the end result, if I was able to explore further I would try to find out information on Director Simon Delaney who made the carry on adverts and also look more deeply into the competitiveness of the advertising world.


November 9, 2009

As we all know by now the ‘Bounty’ advert is that of a comedy nature, but how did they know this would be a successful campaign? We know the main reason for making an advert a comedy ad, are so that the product is more memorable and more talked about, but just by making an advert in a comedy does not equal success.

I’ve decided to look into how to make an effective advert and see if I can find out how ‘Bounty’ managed to be a successful advertisement.  

It is very easy to make a bad advert, and very difficult to make a good one. (10-11-09)

The first step to affecting the way customers think is to make them look at what you offer in a new or different way. A good ad has the power to completely change the mind of the reader, viewer or listener.

The offer should present a believable solution to fulfill a perceived need. The bottom line is that marketing exists to support sales. An advert could convey a thousand things.

The debate will go on as to whether it is the text or the pictorial representation of the idea that makes an advertisement. But the bottom line is that it should make an indelible impression in the mind which lingers around for a while! (10-11-09)


The ad industry may be right in asserting you can never go wrong with sex, babies or puppies–IF they’re talking only about getting your initial attention. But there’s a big difference between entertaining ads and effective ads (and that rare, happy moment when you get an effective AND entertaining ad). (10-11-09)

Trying to find information on how to create a successful advertisement for television is not easy, to find out if your ideas will achieve the goal you set for them, takes lots of work and research.

I think the idea to bring ‘Bounty’ into the form of a ‘Carry On’ film works brilliantly, and that it is defiantly an advert that sticks in your mind for all the right reasons. Although this product could have been advertised in many different ways I believe this was the best choice.

Bounty Campaign

November 9, 2009

Bounty ad campaign

In July 2009 Bounty was involved with a huge campaign stating that Bounty makes small work out of big spills.


To demonstrate the superior absorbance of Bounty paper towels, two giant spills were created in the middle of New York and Los Angeles.

Bounty Campaign in New York 

On 7th Avenue in New York, busy commuters were greeted by a giant coffee cup knocked over and spilling onto the sidewalk – complete with steam and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee.



Bounty Campaign in Los Angeles


In Los Angeles, weekend shoppers found a giant, 550 pound ice cream melting in the Third Street Promenade.


Both spills were accompanied by sampling and outdoor ads delivering the message: Bounty – Makes small work of BIG spills. (10-11-09)

I think this campaign fits in beautifully with the ‘Carry On’ adverts, although the things they have chosen to do, do not relate to the ‘Carry On’ films, it still has that comedy factor which is well-known with the Bounty company. Once again Bounty has been able to come up with an advertising scheme that is unforgettable.   

Advertising agency Publicist New York has masterminded several amazing advertising campaigns. Some of their clients include City, Ad Council, Proctor and Gamble, L’Oréal and many more. One of their latest advertising campaigns for Bounty paper towels is definitely worth checking out. Publicis New York re-enacted some big spills in the middle of Manhattan. Unlike most advertising agencies, Publicis is very creative and builds their campaign on the basis of human emotions by applying a larger concept that hits home with everyone. The big spills symbolize what we experience in our kitchen, rather than bringing the spill to the kitchen they brought this advertising campaign into the street. (10-11-09)

Procter and Gamble

November 9, 2009

The client company that Bounty is founded by is Procter and Gamble, so I have decided to look into this company and find out how Bounty came to be a P&G product.

  Our Purpose (Procter and Gamble) We will provide branded products and services of superior quality and value that improve the lives of the world’s consumers, now and for generations to come. As a result, consumers will reward us with leadership sales, profit and value creation, allowing our people, our shareholders and the communities in which we live and work to prosper. Our Values P&G is its people and the values by which we live. We attract and recruit the finest people in the world. We build our organization from within, promoting and rewarding people without regard to any difference unrelated to performance. We act on the conviction that the men and women of Procter & Gamble always will be our most important asset.Integrity 

  We always try to do the right thing.
  We are honest and straightforward with each other.
  We operate within the letter and spirit of the law.
  We uphold the values and principles of P&G in every action and decision.
  We are data-based and intellectually honest in advocating proposals, including recognizing risks.

Passion for Winning 

  We are determined to be the best at doing what matters most.
  We have a healthy dissatisfaction with the status quo.
  We have a compelling desire to improve and to win in the marketplace.

We Seek to Be the Best 

  We strive to be the best in all areas of strategic importance to the Company.
  We benchmark our performance rigorously versus the very best internally and externally.
  We learn from both our successes and our failures.

We Are Externally Focused 

  We develop superior understanding of consumers and their needs.
  We create and deliver products, packaging and concepts that build winning brand equities.
  We develop close, mutually productive relationships with our customers and our suppliers.
  We are good corporate citizens.
  We incorporate sustainability into our products, packaging and operations. (10-11-09)

Their company has one of the largest and strongest portfolios of trusted brands, including:











Just to pick a few and there is also many more. (10-11-09)

History of Procter and Gamble.

In 1837 William Procter and James Gamble formed a humble but bold new enterprise. What began as a small, family operated soap and candle company grew and thrived, inspired by P&G’s purpose of providing products and services of superior quality and value. The power of P&G’s Purpose is the one factor above all others that have contributed to the Company’s long heritage of growth. It is an essential part of who we are, who we have been and who we will be for generations to come.

(If James Gamble and William Procter hadn’t married the Norris sisters, P&G might not exist.) (10-11-09)

Procter and Gamble have won many awards starting from 1985 leading up to 2007.

 Fortune Magazine Global Most Admired Companies Ranked #5 for 2008 and #1 in its industry of Household & Personal Products 1985-2008
Fortune Magazine America’s Most Admired Companies Ranked #8 in 2008, and #1 in Soaps and Cosmetics. This marks the 17th time P&G has appeared in the U.S. “Top Ten” ranking. 1985-2008
Fortune Magazine Best Companies to Work For (Top 100) Ranked #68 in 2007*P&G not eligible in 2006 due to Gillette merger 20072002-05
Fortune/Universal Research Firm 100 Top MBA Employers Ranked #14 for 2008. In the top 24 since the inception of ranking. 2002-2008
Barron’s Magazine 100 Most Respected Companies Ranked #3 on Barron’s “World’s Most Respected” list. Ranked #5 in 2006 2006-2009
Harris Interactive/Wall Street Journal World’s Best Corporate Reputations Ranked #10 for 2006 – up from # 13 in 2005. Ranked in the top five companies for best “Products & Services” 2003-2006
America’s Second Harvest Donor of the Year Recipient of the “Donor of the Year” award in 2007 and 2006. It is the first time a company has received the award in two consecutive years. 2006-2007
Fortune Magazine Top Companies for Leaders Ranked #2 on the “Top Companies for Leaders” survey. This is the inaugural survey. 2007 (10-11-09)

I think by reading through this information its clear why Bounty and Procter and Gamble are in partnership, I also feel that because P&G started off as a small family business this fits in well with Bounty as to me this is also a family product. I believe this was the best choice because as a family business P&G understand more about what the customers/viewers want and need from this product, thus helping to increase and maximise sales.

Carry On Women

November 9, 2009

From what I have seen so far during my research one thing has kept jumping out at me, and that is how the women in the ‘Carry On’ films are portrayed compared to Brenda and Audrey who are in the ‘Bounty’ Ad, Brenda and Audrey as we know by now are two men dressed as women, not your average ‘Carry On leading lady who always had a big chest, tiny waste and looked like what is known as a trophy girl.

 Some of the beauties who appeared in Carry On films 1950’s to 1970’s. Pictures of the women (usually busty) who appeared in the films. (10-11-09)

Valerie Leon – Carry On Up The Jungle (in skimpy outfit)


Shirley Eaton – Carry On Constable (with Leslie Phillips)


Sally Geeson – Carry On Abroad


Barbara Windsor- Carry On Camping (famous bit when her top comes of)


Amanda Barrie – Carry On Cleo (as Cleopatra)


Angela Douglas – Carry On Cowboy


Elizabeth Fraser – Carry On Cruising (in underwear)


Suzanne Danielle – Carry On Emmanuelle (in shower)


Anita Harris – Carry On Follow That Camel (as a belly dancer)


Margaret Nolan – Carry On Henry


Jacki Piper – Carry On Up The Jungle


Imogen Hassell – Carry On Loving (with Sid James)


Joan Sims – Carry On Cowboy


As you can see all beautiful women whereas Brenda and Audrey


 Not really a similarity.

 The women do not disrupt the narratives, because the aim is social consensus. They are either beautiful (Shirley Eaton in Sergeant and the nurse, 1956) or efficient (Hattie Jacques in Nurse, Joan Sims in Constable, 1960) Rothwells scripts are parodic, buildings on audiences’ film memories. More importantly they are absolutely focused on sexual desire and its pursuit. In Carry On Spying (1964), Agent Daphne Honeybutt (Barbara Windsor) is the cleverest of the spy team, and in Carry On Cleo (1964) all the women, from Amanda Barrie as Cleopatra to Sheila Hancock as Senna Pod, have the time of their lives. In Carry On Screaming (1966), the female undead Valeria (Fenella Fieldings) smokes with desire and inhales her lover, and in Carry On Doctor (1968), Matron Hattie Jacques, seducing Dr Tinkle (Kenneth Williams), promises that “you wont be disappointed, the young birds may be tender, but the older ones have more flavour”. His rejoinder is coarse (to do with stuffing turkeys), but the point has been made: women should speak their desires, even though their men are poltroons. Carry On Cabby is particularly significant. Peggy (Hattie Jacques) is neglected by husband Charlie (Sid James), and founds a female taxi company in revenge. Her miniskirts GlamCabs drivers have complaint expressions, but their rebellious inventiveness is the centre of the film. The most interesting character is Flo (Esma Cannon)’ a feisty pensioner who wears trousers, takes risks and is more intelligent then the men. In the end, Peggy is rescued by Charlie and, pregnant, returns to the family. It is a comic saturnalia after all, and order must be in restored, but here and in other Carry On’s, the women have a better time then in New Wave films.

 Women in British cinema: mad, bad, and dangerous to know,- Sue Harper – published 2000 – The 1960’s (sub-title) – page 117

 Comparing this to the Carry On girls we see today in the ‘Bounty’ advert, this seems to go against everything the Carry On girls stand for, could this be yet another subtle message? Or is it that Bounty is trying to say that their product is for everyone. Maybe the times where women were expected to be beautiful and almost heavenly are behind us and this is a step forward stating that men and women are equals and will be treated as such?

Subtle messages

November 7, 2009

After watching the ‘Bounty’ advert several more times I noticed something I had missed the first few times of viewing, and that is that in the advert it is only Brenda and Audrey who are in colourful clothes all the other guests at the wedding seem to be in a very bland mix of white, gray and black. This could be me just looking to closely into the advertisements or it could be a subtle message that draws the viewers in without them realizing. (10-11-09)

 I believe the message we are getting form this choice to dress only Brenda and Audrey in colourful clothes, is that so us the viewers will clearly point them out when there is more characters on-screen and also to not let us get lost in the story. Without doing this the viewer could easily forget what they are watching as the advert is a comedy and not take on board the importance of the advertisement which is to sell Bounty kitchen roll.

Subtle messages:


  • Figure-ground reversals: Visual and auditory perceptions can be separated into foreground and background. The background however often goes unnoticed, hidden from the conscious mind. This is especially the case in the realms of television and the internet, where images and scenes come and go and change frequently. The unconscious mind, however, picks up the background as has been demonstrated in studies on hypnosis. What is the case for visual perceptions is also the case for sound.
  • Embedding: The insertion of words or images (often of the body) by use of shadows or shading. EKG and EEG changes were demonstrated in subjects who viewed objects with embeds in them.
  • Double Entendre: Double meaning
  • Low-intensity light & low-volume sound: Similar to embedding
  • Lighting & Background Sound: These are carefully structured to initiate a specific response such as suspense, laughter, anger, fear, etc.
  • Repetition: of jingles/songs, of product name, and of social engineering concepts such as consumption, etc.
  • Tight shots: Camera angles that provide close-up shots of a subject, focusing not on the whole, but a small part of the whole. Often used for emphasis &/or drama.
  • Metaphor: The blending of words, sounds, and images to suggest similarity between two or more otherwise different things.
  • Alliteration
  • Humor
  • Oxymoron

Cognitive Dissonance

Mouthwash commercials are not about bad breath. They are about the need for social acceptance and, frequently, about the need to be sexually attractive. Beer commercials are almost always about a man’s need to share the values of a peer group. An automobile commercial is usually about the need for autonomy or social status… (10-11-09)

They are, generally, unaware of the extent to which they are manipulated, managed, and conditioned by media, governments, leaders, and institutions that serve the vested interests of their political-social-economic systems.

Key, Wilson Bryan, The Age of Manipulation, pg 95

The people who watch more and know less don’t necessarily know they are being politically massaged or how media manipulation has become so invisibly institutionalized. They don’t know that dumb-ing down is not just an incidental effect of the way many media outlets operate but a reflection of conscious and calculated policies of down-market targeting.

Schechter, Danny, The More you Watch the Less you Know, pg 73

After looking both in books and online I have found many ways of teaching how to use subtle messages, and this to me has proven that the decision to have Brenda and Audrey in colourful clothes and the others in dull clothes was no coincidence.