Study Diary

Study Diary



Today I set up my word-press account and e-mailed my username and password to Peter Dukes.

I have decided to go with the Bounty ‘Carry on cleaning’ advert as I feel this will make me challenge myself more then the other choices would.



Today I started the major research part of my work, I have studied the advert several times and think I have come up with a list of ideas for me to complete my blogs.

I have decided to keep a note book specifically for my research findings and ideas that way if I become stuck or need to reference back to something I looked at, at a previous date it will be easy to find.

I have uploaded two blogs the first just a picture taken from the advert I’m studying and the second just a brief description about the advert. I found this part of the work relatively easy as all the information I needed to do this was right where I need it.



Today I have started to write my first major blog which is based on the series of Carry on films. I have decided to write this first on paper as I feel this works best for me rather then straight onto the computer. Finding information about the Carry on films was a simple task as it was hugely successful and popular therefore there is plenty of information written about this. I have also watched some of the films including ‘Carry on Emmanuelle’ and ‘Carry on Abroad’ in hope that this will give me a better understanding of the series.



Today I have researched Kenneth Williams as I noticed him in the advert and also knew that he appeared in the majority of Carry on films, I found this very interesting as there was an impressive amount of work written about Williams, I also enjoyed learning about his life and death which again there is plenty of information about including documentaries many of which I have watched. Again I have written these down on paper and plan on uploading at a later date.



Today I have researched two topics the first of which was men cast as female roles the second being slapstick, I decided to work in my room today as I felt this would help me concentrate more and stop me being distracted. I have found both these tasks difficult as I struggled to find the information that was relevant to my topic, I have also realized that I’m purely using the internet at my main research point and must try to stop this.

I’ve learnt today that I study better during the night and early hours of the morning as I’m very easily distracted, so therefore find it better to work when no-one is around.

I also tried to upload my first few blogs today but was having trouble with my account and was not able to do so.



Today my research topics were target audience and subtle messages, again both very interesting subjects discuss, I’m starting to find doing my blogs slightly difficult as I don’t feel I have a purpose with my research finding although they are relevant to my original topic I feel I’m going off course and need to get back into the right direction.

I finally was able to upload my posts today, for doing this I had to come to the library I assume the fault was with my computer and not with the site as no-one else seemed to be having this problem.



Today I had decided to look into the ‘Carry on’ women and Procter and Gamble as I think these are both important factors of the ‘Bounty’ advert that I may have possibly missed had it not been for researching Brenda and Audrey’s characters and also looking back through my work and paying more attention to the behind the scenes aspect of the advert. I enjoyed doing the research on the carry on women as I found this informative, but the research I did on Procter and Gamble although this to was interesting I don’t feel I found the information I was looking for.



Today I looked into the Bounty campaign and advertisement, as I wanted to find if there was any relevance to the campaign and the advert which I believe there was, I also wanted to look into how to make a successful advertisement  to find out if it was possible that Bounty knew this was going to be a success, I found both these topics interesting but very much enjoyed learning how to make a successful advertisement although there is not much information on this, the things I discovered were very interesting and a topic I really enjoyed learning about.



Today I planned on spending the day proof reading my work and starting the other entries that need to be completed, but whilst I was checking my blogs I noticed that all my pictures had disappeared so I had to spend the night saving them to desktop and then uploading into the blog.       



Today I have done my resource findings, writing plan and i-map I found these tasks more difficult than the blog especially when I had finished my I-map and the computer shut down so I had to start it again, but I think this was a good thing to happen as it inspired me to make an even better I-map.




Today is the last day, so I felt I really had to work hard to get my I-map done on time. I’m still not happy with my end results for this but feel in order to improve this I would also need to improve my skills with the computer and unfortunately I did not leave myself enough time to do this.

I feel I have worked to the best of my ability during this assessment, however I do know there is room for improvement for example if I structured myself and set my own deadlines for individual parts of the tasks, I feel this would bring me motivation and determination to complete my assignment ahead of schedule, leaving me plenty of time to correct any errors I may have made.


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