Writing plan

Writing plan


For this task I’m going to be looking into the advert ‘Bounty carry on cleaning’  and each week I will be uploading blogs about the topics that have interested me most during my research process. By doing this I hope to achieve the following:

Have a better understanding and gain knowledge on the advert.

And also answer the questions that come to mind when I watch this advert including:

Why have they decided to go along the theme of Carry on?

Why use original Carry on actors for example Kenneth Williams?

Why have men dressed as women?

All of these are the basis of my blogs and questions I hope to have answered by the time my blog is complete.


Carry on- The advert ‘Bounty Carry on cleaning’ is based on the style of the ‘Carry on’ films, and like the films there are many of them. The advert I’m going to be looking at however is the one where Brenda and Audrey find themselves on a boat at a chaotic wedding. The carry on films were a series of low-budget British comedy films consisting of 31films made from 1958-1978. Although the films ended in 1978, even now in 2009 when we see the Bounty advert we all know it’s based on the series. I think that’s one of the reasons why they decided to go down this route, in hope that the series of adverts would be as popular and memorable as the series of films.

I would then go on to talk about the Carry on women and how they differ from Brenda and Audrey who are in the Bounty advert

Carry on women-There is a huge difference in the way the women in the ‘Carry On’ films are portrayed compared to Brenda and Audrey who are in the ‘Bounty’ Ad, Brenda and Audrey as we know by now are two men dressed as women, not your average ‘Carry On leading lady who always had a big chest, tiny waste and looked like what is known as a trophy girl.

This would be a good time to move onto men dressed as women as it’s not going too much of topic.

Men dressed as women-Some people may find that men being cast as women especially as they play larger women a bit of an insult, although this way of casting roles has been used for many years. “It’s a blurring of differences between masculinity and femininity.” But lots of conventions of drama don’t fly anymore. A white actor wouldn’t dare put on dark makeup to appear black today—Angelina Jolie took a lot of heat for slightly darkening her complexion to play Mariane Pearl in “A Mighty Heart.” A non-Asian actor would never get away with taping his eyes and assuming a silly accent to sound Chinese, as Mickey Rooney did in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”

I would then move onto the topic of slap-stick as I thing this is still relevant to the part of men dressed as women

Slap-stick-Slapstick is a type of comedy involving exaggerated physical violence or activities which exceed the boundaries of common sense and sometimes includes ironic situations, such as a character being hit in the face with a heavy frying pan or running into a brick wall, or going mad while searching for something when it was really right next to where that person was originally sitting. During the advert we she unfortunate happenings like someone falling and landing by hitting someone in the face with a cake, but still I find myself asking is this considered slapstick and if not why if based on the series of ‘Carry On’ films have the adverts not followed with the slapstick comedy routine?

I think this would be a good time to move onto subtle messages as Bounty have used comedy for this which will make this topic follow nicely after the slap-stick topic.

Subtle messages-in the advert it is only Brenda and Audrey who are in colorful clothes all the other guests at the wedding seem to be in a very bland mix of white, gray and black.  I believe the message we are getting form this choice to dress only Brenda and Audrey in colorful clothes, is that so us the viewers will clearly point them out when there is more characters on-screen and also to not let us get lost in the story. Without doing this the viewer could easily forget what they are watching as the advert is a comedy and not take on board the importance of the advertisement which is to sell Bounty kitchen roll.

I would then consider talking about the target audience in hope to follow-on talking about the viewers as I was in subtle messages but also to bring the attention back around to the advert itself.

Target audience-When you first watch the ‘Bounty’ advert the target audience is unknown, if I was to take a guess I would say women early 30s+, but after looking more closely at the advert I realized that not only is this advert aimed at women but I also think it’s aimed at men. In the advert the two main characters Brenda and Audrey are men dressed as women, this could be taken understandably in two different ways. The first being that the advert is of sexist nature where they had to use a man to play woman’s roles possibly to show how tough ‘Bounty’ is (as though using a woman would not portray this), or maybe that what the advert is trying to say is that cleaning is no longer just a job for women and wanted to show a side of both sexes using the kitchen roll hence the men dressed as women. When a company begins to brainstorm marketing strategies for a new product or service, they first take time to consider who will get the most benefit from what they are offering. For example, an ad for a toy meant for toddlers might be created with parents in mind. A toy for eight to ten-year old children, however, would have commercials meant to get the kids in that age group interested in the product.

I think at this point I would come into me conclusion where I would discuss that after looking more closely into the advert things may not be as they first appeared, for example the first time I watched the bounty advert on television my initial reaction was its funny but nothing really special, but after doing research into this advertisement I have discovered, not only is it humorous but it is a very intelligently thought out advert with many meaning and subtle messages.


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