Resource findings

Resource Findings


During the start of my blog I had many questions and ideas of where I wanted to go throughout my research process, but once I had began entering my blogs some of my original questions where almost impossible to answer, and whilst searching for the answer I needed I came across more information that was not only relevant but exciting.


When I first watched the Bounty ‘Carry on cleaning’ advert a few questions entered my mind for example, why have they decided to go along the theme of carry on? Why use original Carry On actors for example Kenneth Williams? And why have men dressed as women? All of which I believe I have managed to answer. Whilst searching for these answers I found myself asking more questions, and in searching for those answers again found myself asking more questions. Throughout the process of writing my blog I did not seem to find a point where there was no more topics to write about.  I was able to discover why Bounty had decided to have men playing the role of women and why Procter and Gamble was the best choice of partnership for Bounty.  I also managed to find out about subtle messages, the carry on women, and the Bounty campaign and also the ways advertisement company’s come up with fresh new ideas.  


Although I feel there is much more information I could have added to my blog I do feel I ‘am satisfied with the end result, if I was able to explore further I would try to find out information on Director Simon Delaney who made the carry on adverts and also look more deeply into the competitiveness of the advertising world.


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