Bounty Campaign

Bounty ad campaign

In July 2009 Bounty was involved with a huge campaign stating that Bounty makes small work out of big spills.


To demonstrate the superior absorbance of Bounty paper towels, two giant spills were created in the middle of New York and Los Angeles.

Bounty Campaign in New York 

On 7th Avenue in New York, busy commuters were greeted by a giant coffee cup knocked over and spilling onto the sidewalk – complete with steam and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee.



Bounty Campaign in Los Angeles


In Los Angeles, weekend shoppers found a giant, 550 pound ice cream melting in the Third Street Promenade.


Both spills were accompanied by sampling and outdoor ads delivering the message: Bounty – Makes small work of BIG spills. (10-11-09)

I think this campaign fits in beautifully with the ‘Carry On’ adverts, although the things they have chosen to do, do not relate to the ‘Carry On’ films, it still has that comedy factor which is well-known with the Bounty company. Once again Bounty has been able to come up with an advertising scheme that is unforgettable.   

Advertising agency Publicist New York has masterminded several amazing advertising campaigns. Some of their clients include City, Ad Council, Proctor and Gamble, L’Oréal and many more. One of their latest advertising campaigns for Bounty paper towels is definitely worth checking out. Publicis New York re-enacted some big spills in the middle of Manhattan. Unlike most advertising agencies, Publicis is very creative and builds their campaign on the basis of human emotions by applying a larger concept that hits home with everyone. The big spills symbolize what we experience in our kitchen, rather than bringing the spill to the kitchen they brought this advertising campaign into the street. (10-11-09)


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