As we all know by now the ‘Bounty’ advert is that of a comedy nature, but how did they know this would be a successful campaign? We know the main reason for making an advert a comedy ad, are so that the product is more memorable and more talked about, but just by making an advert in a comedy does not equal success.

I’ve decided to look into how to make an effective advert and see if I can find out how ‘Bounty’ managed to be a successful advertisement.  

It is very easy to make a bad advert, and very difficult to make a good one. (10-11-09)

The first step to affecting the way customers think is to make them look at what you offer in a new or different way. A good ad has the power to completely change the mind of the reader, viewer or listener.

The offer should present a believable solution to fulfill a perceived need. The bottom line is that marketing exists to support sales. An advert could convey a thousand things.

The debate will go on as to whether it is the text or the pictorial representation of the idea that makes an advertisement. But the bottom line is that it should make an indelible impression in the mind which lingers around for a while! (10-11-09)


The ad industry may be right in asserting you can never go wrong with sex, babies or puppies–IF they’re talking only about getting your initial attention. But there’s a big difference between entertaining ads and effective ads (and that rare, happy moment when you get an effective AND entertaining ad). (10-11-09)

Trying to find information on how to create a successful advertisement for television is not easy, to find out if your ideas will achieve the goal you set for them, takes lots of work and research.

I think the idea to bring ‘Bounty’ into the form of a ‘Carry On’ film works brilliantly, and that it is defiantly an advert that sticks in your mind for all the right reasons. Although this product could have been advertised in many different ways I believe this was the best choice.


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