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Advert discription

October 23, 2009

The advert I am going to be looking at is Bounty ‘carry on cleaning’ which is set on a boat at a wedding, the advert runs for approximately 39seconds and was made in 2007 by Director Simon Delaney and Producer Mandy Boyter

Client Company: Procter and Gamble.

Agency: Publicis

Creative: Stephen Glenn and Noel Sharman  (10-11-09)

The Bounty ‘women’ are cleverly imposed into a Carry on movie, where a chaotic wedding is taking place, with all the mess going on Brenda and Audrey see which kitchen roll mops up the mess the best, with Bounty being the overall winner.  (10-11-09)

After watching the advert a few questions came to mind, of which I intend to research and solve during this blog.


.Why have they decided to go along the theme of carry on?

. Why use original Carry On actors for example Kenneth Williams?

.Why have men dressed as women?

All of which I hope to find the answer to during the next few weeks.



October 23, 2009